Amie Barsky – “In Her Own Words.”

“I’m so excited to assist in designing the décor at Goddess, and co-creating the floral crowns that bring out the individual beauty in all of us. We are like flowers; no two are the same. Let’s celebrate our uniqueness, and acknowledge how perfectly imperfect we are so that our beauty can bloom with respect and grace.” – Amie Barsky

Amie Barsky is a graduate from the University of the Arts with a BFA and Masters in Life Experience. As a professional actress, dancer, a certified yoga and Pilates instructor, a non profit founder, and a world traveler, Amie considers herself to be a Life Enthusiast. Through workshops, retreats and community gatherings, local and abroad, her desire is to spread joy & empowerment like wildfire one conversation, one connection, one commitment at a time. Lets strive for balance and progress in all avenues of our lives while loving ourselves from the inside out.

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