Our Chef For The Night – Aimee West

We are excited to have Aimee West joining us at LOVE IS BLIND on Feb. 14th to help create an incredible & delicious evening. Aimee West was born and raised in Austin, Texas. After graduating from Northwest Culinary Academy in Vancouver, BC she soon became the Executive Chef for Campo Verde Social Club, a high-end […]

Leah Russell – “In Her Own Words.”

“A Goddess reflects her inner beauty, wholesomeness, and light to lift those around her. She embraces her beautiful imperfections, and realizes that by being her true authentic self she is loved and respected. As an AcroYoga instructor, I want to safely guide students to places they never knew existed… bring out their inner strengths. In […]

Lindsey Erin – “In Her Own Words.”

“My intention for the weekend is to educate women on how they can use nutrition as a foundation for living, one whole life. Health begins in the gut, which is the source of creativity and intuition. I will be talking about how to use an elimination diet to help pinpoint possible food allergens, as well […]

Amie Barsky – “In Her Own Words.”

“I’m so excited to assist in designing the décor at Goddess, and co-creating the floral crowns that bring out the individual beauty in all of us. We are like flowers; no two are the same. Let’s celebrate our uniqueness, and acknowledge how perfectly imperfect we are so that our beauty can bloom with respect and […]

Joanna Canton – “In Her Own Words.”

“My intention is to encourage women to embrace their individual uniqueness and to be proud of who they are and what they believe in, even when standing alone.” – Joanna Canton Joanna Canton is a writer, and actress who has worked in film and TV for the past 24 years. Joanna has been creating custom […]

Sarah Fisk – “In Her Own Words.”

“I want all women to experience being themselves and doing what they love; to follow their dreams and build their empire. Stand out!” – Sarah Nicole Fisk Sarah Fisk is owner and founder of Swim Like A Mermaid Swimwear. Swim Like A Mermaid represents an adventurous, free-spirited girl seeking a life full of experience & […]

Heidi Hong – “In Her Own Words.”

“To connect all women together in a playful, open-hearted yoga flow as we support and lift each other up in the most beautiful way, because life is better together!” – Heidi H Hong Heidi H Hong is a certified yoga instructor at Equinox, and co-founder ofThe Xanadu Life, inspiring others to get outside and embark […]

Lori Barron – “In Her Own Words.”

“My mission is to empower women to join me in taking back our wisdom, power and freedom. We achieve this by accepting ourselves and others, loving freely and unconditionally, and reestablishing our connection to one another and the planet.” – Lori Barron Lori Barron completed her Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004 at […]

Dr. Cat Meyer – “In Her Own Words.”

“My intention is for all women to be able to come back into their bodies and celebrate being there; for all women to uplift each other instead of competing and destroying each other; and for all women to finally see their own goddess essence and power to make a difference.” – Cat Meyer Dr. Cat […]

Kelly Thayer – “In Her Own Words.”

“To me being a Goddess is standing in your authenticity. True beauty comes from being our raw, flawed, and unique selves. A Goddess’s power glows from a fire deep within that embraces both strengths and weaknesses as one in the same; she strives to have balance between the mind and the heart. As a Partner […]