Kelly Thayer – “In Her Own Words.”

“To me being a Goddess is standing in your authenticity. True beauty comes from being our raw, flawed, and unique selves. A Goddess’s power glows from a fire deep within that embraces both strengths and weaknesses as one in the same; she strives to have balance between the mind and the heart. As a Partner Acrobatics teacher my goal is to provide space for others to bring out that light through movement and connection. Be you.” – Kelly Thayer

Kelly Thayer is a Partner Acrobatics certified teacher based out of Los Angeles. She has taught and trained around the world. Kelly “AcroAnt” teaches the fundamentals of building our own personal strength and how to come together as a unit letting ants do what they do best “marching together as a team” making way for an unstoppable force. Come get your beast mode on.

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