Leah Russell – “In Her Own Words.”

“A Goddess reflects her inner beauty, wholesomeness, and light to lift those around her. She embraces her beautiful imperfections, and realizes that by being her true authentic self she is loved and respected. As an AcroYoga instructor, I want to safely guide students to places they never knew existed… bring out their inner strengths. In this practice it’s important to be able to lift your partner both figuratively and physically. By lifting each other up, we lift ourselves as well.” – Leah Russell

Leah is an L.A. native who discovered her passion for Acro Yoga and standing acrobatics in 2012. Her youth experience with both gymnastics and cheerleading taught her body awareness, strength, and balance that she has carried with her into adulthood. Within a few short years after discovering the practice, she became AcroYoga Fit certified and went on to travel, teach, and perform.

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