Lindsey Erin – “In Her Own Words.”

“My intention for the weekend is to educate women on how they can use nutrition as a foundation for living, one whole life. Health begins in the gut, which is the source of creativity and intuition. I will be talking about how to use an elimination diet to help pinpoint possible food allergens, as well as how to incorporate various holistic supplements, superfoods and herbs into your every day routine.” – Lindsey Erin Founder of OWL Venice

OWL Venice – One Whole Life, is a health and wellness brand based in Venice, California; we make products that restore the body and elevate the soul. OWL supports your transformation to align with your highest self by providing locally sourced, organic, and nutrient dense broths and mylkshakes, that nourish the body and mind, so you can pave the way to a fulfilling and robust life. Embark on a new, beautiful, healing journey with us!

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