06 February 2016

Paint Social – Her

Gregorio Escalante Gallery
4:00 am - 8:00 pm
30 January 2016
15 November 2015

Paint Social: STILL LIFE

The Cafe
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Talkin’ “Deep & Sexy” w/ DJ Alex Cruz

After spending a few hours messing around with various Skype recording programs (all of which failed miserably), I finally got “Deep & Sexy” DJ Alex Cruz online from Amsterdam to chat with me about his electric journey from part-time party DJ, to pioneering podcast producer bringing “love and emotion” to tens of thousands of soul-seeking listeners […]

You Have To Be Willing To Be Bad Before You Can Get Really Good.

Perfect doesn’t exist, and waiting the perfect anything is the biggest mistake anyone can make.  This is possibly the greatest hurdle I have to leap when it comes to my art.  I’m so afraid of being “bad,” of not being good enough, that I wait until the perfect moment to start a project. And it […]

My Second Best

Our “second best” is that thing in life that most of us choose to go after, instead our first best.  It’s often practical, safe, and likely pays well enough to keep us coming back for more.  Our first best, on the other hand, is often totally impractical, unsafe, and has no guarantee of a livable income […]