Our Chef For The Night – Aimee West

We are excited to have Aimee West joining us at LOVE IS BLIND on Feb. 14th to help create an incredible & delicious evening. Aimee West was born and raised in Austin, Texas. After graduating from Northwest Culinary Academy in Vancouver, BC she soon became the Executive Chef for Campo Verde Social Club, a high-end […]

Kelly Thayer – “In Her Own Words.”

“To me being a Goddess is standing in your authenticity. True beauty comes from being our raw, flawed, and unique selves. A Goddess’s power glows from a fire deep within that embraces both strengths and weaknesses as one in the same; she strives to have balance between the mind and the heart. As a Partner […]

SoulScape Journey – “In Her Own Words.”

“Our intention is to Love, Heal & Inspire each goddess who is open to receiving a dose of magic in our Mystical Den. We are offering Akashic & Evolutionary Astrology Readings as a way for each goddess to connect deeply to her truth, revealing what may be hidden below the surface and bringing it forth […]

Veronica Camaioni – “In Her Own Words.”

“I want every woman to experience the feeling of confidence they get from achieving their first aerial silks trick. Performing silks is one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had, and I want to share that experience with other women. You will be in a positive environment where we all aim you to […]

Amber Lilly – “In Her Own Words.”

“This will be my first time at the Goddess event and I am beyond excited to be apart of it. My intentions for the goddesses who will be joining my dance class is simple – I want you to be as free as your mind and body will allow. The dance workshop will not be […]

Madison Orange – “In Her Own Words.”

“My intention for Goddess is to share the circular connection that is the hoop. As the sun sets, I will take to the dance floor and share some LED hoops with anyone who would like to join in and learn some new tricks, or just to close their eyes and feel the music.” – Madison […]

DJ BadAsh – “In Her Own Words.”

“My intention is to bring people together through the universal language of music. No matter where you’re from or what your story is music speaks to our bodies on a subconscious level and brings our spirit to life. It’s a beautiful and powerful thing.” – DJ BadAsh DJ Bad Ash is quickly becoming one of […]

06 February 2016

Paint Social – Her

Gregorio Escalante Gallery
4:00 am - 8:00 pm